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Chinese language
  Chinese Journal of Multiple Organ Diseases in the Elderly
  Published 4 28 , 2015
  2015,14(04):0 [Abstract]  [View PDF(204.75 K)]
English language
  Chinese Journal of Multiple Organ Diseases in the Elderly
  Published 4 28 , 2015
  2015,14(04):0 [Abstract]  [View PDF(123.68 K)]

Brief Introduction of Expert Soliciting Special Topic

Brief Introduction of Expert Soliciting Special Topic
  Brief Introduction of Expert Soliciting Special Topic
  Published 4 28 , 2015
  2015,14(04):0 [Abstract]  [View PDF(87.98 K)]


Disease complexity for elderly critically ill patients deserves great attention
  ZHOU Su-Ming
  Published 4 28 , 2015
  2015,14(04):241-242 [Abstract]  [View PDF(246.95 K)]

Special Topic

Clinical features and treatment of acute pancreatitis in elderly patients
  WU Peng-Fei, MIAO Yi, LI Qiang*, DAI Cun-Cai, JIANG Kui-Rong, WU Jun-Li, GAO Wen-Tao, GUO Feng, CHEN Jian-Min, WEI Ji-Shu, LU Zi-Peng, HUANG Dong-Ya
  Published 4 28 , 2015
  2015,14(04):243-246 [Abstract]  [View PDF(343.08 K)]
Safety of vancomycin in over-80-year-old patients with severe Gram-positive infections
  HUANG Min, ZHOU Jing, BI Li-Qing, HAN Yi, ZHANG Qian, ZHU Dong-Mei, ZHOU Su-Ming?*
  Published 4 28 , 2015
  2015,14(04):247-252 [Abstract]  [View PDF(417.08 K)]
Analysis of adverse drug reaction in elderly
  PAN Qi-Qi, LUO Can*
  Published 4 28 , 2015
  2015,14(04):253-257 [Abstract]  [View PDF(389.29 K)]
Risk factors of delirium in elderly patients after cardiac surgery
  ZHANG Ye, ZHANG Cui, NIU Yong-Sheng, MU Xin-Wei*
  Published 4 28 , 2015
  2015,14(04):258-262 [Abstract]  [View PDF(423.85 K)]
Clinical analysis of ventilator-associated pneumonia in patients over 70 years old after cardiac surgery
  ZHAO Yi, SUN Fang, MU Xin-Wei*
  Published 4 28 , 2015
  2015,14(04):263-267 [Abstract]  [View PDF(415.83 K)]
Enteral nutrition by naso-jejunal tube and naso-gastric tube for critically ill elderly patients with swallowing dysfunction: a comparative study
  JIANG Jie, ZHU Bao-Hua*
  Published 4 28 , 2015
  2015,14(04):268-271 [Abstract]  [View PDF(380.46 K)]
Clinical features of senile severe traumatic patients and risk factors for mortality
  CHEN Qian, LIU Bo-Fei*
  Published 4 28 , 2015
  2015,14(04):272-275 [Abstract]  [View PDF(378.44 K)]
Comparison of cardiac protection of bacterial lipoprotein tolerance between aged and adult sepsis mice
  WANG Lei, ZHOU Jing, ZHOU Su-Ming*
  Published 4 28 , 2015
  2015,14(04):276-281 [Abstract]  [View PDF(484.21 K)]

Clinical Research

Clinical analysis of elderly chronic lymphocytic leukemia: a report of 12 cases
  LI Bao-Ling1, LI Su-Xia1, ZHU Hong-Li1*, WANG Tong-Min2, WANG Hai-Tao3, ZHAI Bing1, FAN Hui1, GUO Bo1
  Published 4 28 , 2015
  2015,14(04):282-286 [Abstract]  [View PDF(368.98 K)]
Diagnostic value of revised Geneva score combined with plasma level of D-dimer for suspected pulmonary embolism in elderly patients
  HU Jing-Min, ZHAO Can, GUO Dan-Jie*
  Published 4 28 , 2015
  2015,14(04):287-291 [Abstract]  [View PDF(476.72 K)]
Effects of intraoperative goal-directed fluid therapy by using arterial wave analysis on outcome of high-risk elderly patients
  XU Jing1, ZHANG Dan-Feng1, ZHU Sai-Nan2, WANG Dong-Xin1*
  Published 4 28 , 2015
  2015,14(04):292-296 [Abstract]  [View PDF(404.39 K)]
Relationship of serum uric acid with atrial fibrillation in patients with chronic heart failure
  XIAO Ting*, ZHANG Xian-Bin, LUO Lei, YANG Na, LIANG Han, XU Xin-Lu
  Published 4 28 , 2015
  2015,14(04):297-300 [Abstract]  [View PDF(368.66 K)]

Basic Research

TLR4/NF-κB signal pathway mediates pioglitazone protecting human vascular endothelial cells against visfantin-induced injury
  HE Xiao-Le1, LIU Jun2, ZHANG Hang-Xiang1, WANG Ning1, XU Rong1, YANG Jie3, WANG Xiao-Ming1*
  Published 4 28 , 2015
  2015,14(04):301-306 [Abstract]  [View PDF(698.46 K)]

Case Report

A case of ischemic bowel disease combined multiple organ infarction
  LI Yuan,XIE Xiang-Jun, MA Xiao-Ying, XU lin*
  Published 4 28 , 2015
  2015,14(04):307-309 [Abstract]  [View PDF(1.36 M)]

Clinicopathological Conference

Aortic dissection in presence of an aberrant right subclavian artery: a case report
  HE Hong-Yan1, WANG Shu-Hong1, XIA Xiao-Xia1, TIAN Wan-Guan2*, MENG Qing-Yi2*
  Published 4 28 , 2015
  2015,14(04):310-312 [Abstract]  [View PDF(380.41 K)]


Exploration on developing geriatric medicine to cope with population aging of our district
  ZHAO Gang1, ZHANG Yi-Fan2*
  Published 4 28 , 2015
  2015,14(04):313-316 [Abstract]  [View PDF(365.61 K)]
New progress of gait and cognitive impairment in the elderly
  LI Hong-Lian, YUE Wei-Dong*
  Published 4 28 , 2015
  2015,14(04):317-320 [Abstract]  [View PDF(311.33 K)]