Uncertainty in illness in patients with coronary artery stenting and their families and its influencing factors

(1. Department of Cardiology, the First Affiliated Hospital,Xi′an 710032, China ;2. Department of Basic Nursing, Faculty of Nursing,Xi′an 710032, China ;3. College of Basic Medical Sciences, Air Force Medical University, Xi′an 710032, China)

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    Objective To clarify the current status of disease uncertainty in patients with coronary artery stenting and their families and explore the influencing factors of the uncertainty and their mutual influence. Methods A total of 182 patients who underwent coronary artery stent implantation in the Department of Cardiology of the First Affiliated Hospital of Air Force Military Medical University from May to December 2020 were subjected by cluster sampling, and their 182 family members were enrolled at the same time. Mishel uncertainty in illness scale for adults (MUIS-A) and Mishel uncertainty in illness scale for family member (MUIS-FM) were used to understand the current status of the disease uncertainty of patients and family members. Multiple linear regression analysis was employed to clarify its influencing factors. SPSS statistics 20.0 was applied for statistical analysis. Data comparison between two groups was performed using student′s t test, Fisher exact test or Chi-square test depending on date type. Results The MUIS-A was (77.77±11.68) points in the patients after coronary stent implantation, and the MUIS-FM was (95.31±11.76) points in the family members. Uncertainty was an important factor affecting patient′s disease uncertainty, and unpredictability was an important factor affecting family member′s disease uncertainty. The influencing factors for the patient′s disease uncertainty were educational level (junior high school vs elementary school), complications, patient′s income, and family member′s income, knowledge on the disease and total score of uncertainty (all P<0.05). The influencing factors of family member′s disease uncertainty were total score of patient′s disease uncertainty, family member′s income, family members in poor health, and place of patient′s residence (rural vs urban areas) (all P<0.05). Conclusion The patients with coronary artery stenting and their family members have varying degrees of disease uncertainty, and there is a strong interaction between them. Our results suggest that medical staffs should pay special attention to the patients and their family members at the same time when implementing interventions to achieve the optional outcomes.

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