Efficacy of figure 8 suturing technique in treatment of tunnel bleeding after femoral artery puncture

(Department of Cardiology, Chinese PLA General Hospital, Beijing 100853, China)

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    Objective To evaluate the efficacy of figure 8 suturing technique in treatment of tunnel bleeding after femoral artery puncture. Methods A total of 152 patients, who had undergone transfemoral percutaneous coronary intervention and then developed bleeding after catheter insertion, admitted in our department from December 2013 to December 2016 were enrolled in the study consecutively. These patients were assigned randomly into figure 8 suturing group (n=63) and strengthened compression group (n=89). Five parameters, including mean compression time, bandaging frequency, mean operation time, incidence rate of lower limb deep vein thrombosis (DVT), and length of hospital stay after operation, were compared between the 2 groups. SPSS statistics 22.0 was used to perform the statistical analysis, and Student′s t test or Chi-square test was employed to make comparison for different data types. Results Compared to the strengthened compression group, the figure 8 suturing group had shorter compression time [(22.3±5.4) vs (26.8±6.8)h, P<0.01], less bandaging frequency [(2.1±0.7) vs (2.6±1.1)times, P<0.01], shorter operation time [(8.9±2.5) vs (12.3±4.1)min, P<0.01], lower incidence rate of DVT (0.0% vs 6.7%, P<0.05), and shorter length of hospital stay[(3.5±1.2) vs (4.8±2.1)d, P<0.01]. Conclusion Figure 8 suturing technique is effective and easy-to-operate in treatment of tunnel bleeding after femoral artery puncture, and obviously superior to conventional compression method.

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