Evaluation and prognostic value of procalcitonin to albumin ratio in sepsis
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Key words:sepsis  septic shock  procalcitonin  albumin  procalcitonin/albumin
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      【Abstract】Objective To explore the evaluation value of sepsis severity and prognosis by combining serum Procalcitonin and albumin ratio (PCT/ALB) with other indicators. Methods Retrospective analysis 75 patients with sepsis were treated in the emergency department of Shanxi Bethun Hospital from January 2019 to January 2020. divided into non-shock group of sepsis (55 cases) and sepsis shock group (20 cases) according to the severity of the disease, and divided into survival group (65 cases) and death group (10 cases) according to 28d outcome. Monitor clinical indicators, acute physiological and chronic health status scores (APACHE II), sepsis-related sequentage organ failure scores (SOFA), and calculate PCT/ALB ratios on the day of hospitalization. Using t-test, x2 Comparing the differences between groups,logistic regression analyzed the independent risk factors of septic shock,and Receiver operating characteristic curve (ROC) to assess the predictive analysis of risk factors in patients with sepsis. Results PCT, PCT/ALB, Lac, APACHE II and SOFA were higher than septic non-shock group in the sepsis shock group, ALB was lower than septic non-shock group. and the outcome was also different between the two groups, and the difference was statistically significant (both P<0.05). PCT/ALB, SOFA score, Lac, APACHE II score are all independent risk factors for septic shock (SOFA score: OR=1.501, 95%CI 0.985 to 2.288; APACHE II: OR=1.400, 95%CI 1.106 to 1.771; Lac: OR=9.378, 95% CI 1.387 to 63.422). ROC curve analysis shows that PCT/ALB predicts that the risk value of death in patients with sepsis is superior to other indicators, with AUC at 0.798 (95% CI 0.639 to 0.958) ;PCT AUC at 0.74 5 (95% CI 0.578 to 0.911); 1/ALB AUC 0.703 (95% CI 0.498, 0.908), the two indicators combined better than the forecasting ability of other indicators.Conclusion PCT, ALB, PCT/ALB, APACHE II score, Lac, SOFA score are helpful for the assessment of sepsis patients, PCT/ALB, Lac, SOFA score, APACHE II score is an independent risk factor for septic shock, PCT/ALB is the best value for sepsis patients prognosis prediction.