Clinical Value of Ureteral Stents with Dual Lines in Elderly Male Patients of Urinary Tract Surgery
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Key words:Ureteral Stents with dual lines  elderly male patients  upper urinary tract surgery  extubation
张嘉希 新桥医院泌尿外二科 
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      Objective To explore the clinical value of ureteral stents with dual lines in elderly male patients of upper urinary tract surgery. Methods 67 cases of senile male patients receiving operation of upper urinary tract (older than 60 years) were randomly divided into two groups. Traditional ureteral stents were used in 1th group of 35 cases, and cystoscopy was used for extubation postoperatively; while ureteral stents with dual lines were used in 2nd group of 32 cases, and postoperatively extubation via traction of silk thread. Results 2 cases in 1st group were failed in pulling the tube, while in 2nd group, all cases were successful, the difference has statistics significance (P<0.05). No wound infections were detected in both two groups. 2 cases of urinary tract infection was found in 1st group, while 1 case was found in 2nd group, but the difference has no statistics significance (P>0.05). In 1st group 3 cases appears with urinary tract infection and 15 cases of hematuria occurred after extubation, while only 1 case of hematuria happened after extubation in 2nd group, differences are statistically significant (P<0.05). Conclusion Using ureteral stents with dual lines in elderly male patients of upper urinary tract surgery does not increase the incidence of postoperative wound infections. It not only improves the success rate of extubation, but also reduces injuries and infections of the urinary tract and alleviate the suffering of patients accepted invasive procedures, reducing the risk of inducing cardiovascular or respiratory disease, especially in some cases with severe hyperplasia of prostate or merging cardiovascular or respiratory disease, has great clinical values.