Comparison of Thromboelastography and Conventional Coagulation Tests in ICU
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Key words:thromboelastography  conventional coagulation tests
李晓英 苏州市立医院本部重症医学科 
侯允天 中国人民解放军总医院心内科 
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      Abstract Objective:To investigate the correlation and consistency between thromboelastography(TEG)and conventional coagulation tests,and to evaluate the value of the two methods in central ICUpatients.Methods:Theanalysis of 44 patients in central ICU with TEG, prothrombin time(PT), activated partial thromboplastin time(APTT), fibrinogen(FIB), platelet count(PLT).The median was calculated.McNemartest andKappa identity test were evaluated. Results:PT, APTT median is higher than the normal range. McNemar tests were no significant difference between R、K with PT、 APTT、 FIB、 PLT,MA with PT、 APTT. McNemar tests were significant difference between α-Angle with PT、APTT、FIB、PLT, MA with FIB、PLT. The Kappa indexes are low between TEG、 conventional coagulation tests.Conclusion:Theconsistency is week betweenTEG and conventional blood coagulation in central ICU.The two methods can not replace each other.