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  2021,20(9) [Abstract]  [View PDF(1.51 M)]
  2021,20(9) [Abstract]  [View PDF(516.78 K)]


  2021,20(9):641-645 [Abstract]  [View PDF(459.92 K)]

Clinical Research

Risk factors of frailty in the elderly with type 2 diabetes mellitus
  XIU Shuang-Ling, MU Zhi-Jing, SUN Li-Na, HAN Qing, ZHAO Lei and FU Jun-Ling
  2021,20(9):646-649 [Abstract]  [View PDF(371.32 K)]
Influence mechanism of type D personality on depression in the elderly:mediat-ing role of social support and psychological resilience
  WANG Meng-Yu, LI Jia-Lei, GUO Hong, LIU Xiao-Lei, GUO Xiao-Jie, ZHANG Han and JIANG Rong-Huan
  2021,20(9):650-654 [Abstract]  [View PDF(424.17 K)]
Effect of endometriosis on subclinical cerebrovascular disease and cognitive function in postmenopausal women
  LIU Jin-Xia, ZHOU Guo-Qing, HU Wei-Wei, PENG Qiao-Ling and SUN Fang
  2021,20(9):655-659 [Abstract]  [View PDF(426.24 K)]
Association between hypertension with impaired glucose tolerance and risk of all-cause mortality in elderly males
  FANG Fu-Sheng, WANG Ning, WANG Liang-Chen, YAN Shuang-Tong, LU Yan-Hui, LI Jian, LI Chun-Lin and TIAN Hui
  2021,20(9):660-664 [Abstract]  [View PDF(382.18 K)]
Guidance value of Bristol Stool Form Scale for bowel preparation in elderly undergoing colonoscopy
  LU Qin, JI Hong-Li, HUANG Hui, CHEN Ming, ZHANG Fen-Yan, XIE Rui-Hua and FU Wan-Fa
  2021,20(9):665-668 [Abstract]  [View PDF(381.50 K)]
Mediating effect of health literacy on emotional distress and self-management associated with type 2 diabetes mellitus
  ZHU Dong-Mei, ZHANG Wei, YIN Wei, LIU Qiao-Yan and FEI Chao-Ting
  2021,20(9):669-673 [Abstract]  [View PDF(440.17 K)]
Investigation and analysis of nutritional risk in elderly patients with acute exacerbation of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease
  ZHAO Hong-Xing and WANG Tong
  2021,20(9):674-677 [Abstract]  [View PDF(350.86 K)]
Effect of abdominal obesity on skeletal muscle in middle-aged and elderly males with normal body mass index
  ZHANG Ya-Nan and XUE Jun
  2021,20(9):678-682 [Abstract]  [View PDF(423.06 K)]
Efficacy of Cefoperazone/Sulbactam combined with Tanreqing injection inelderly patients with nosocomial Pseudomonas aeruginosa pneumonia
  YANG Yuan, SUN Zhi-Hong and YAN Zhu-Qin
  2021,20(9):683-688 [Abstract]  [View PDF(593.56 K)]
Efficacy of radiofrequency ablation in elderly patients with paroxysmal atrial fibrillation
  GUO Li-Ju and ZHANG Shuang-Yue
  2021,20(9):689-694 [Abstract]  [View PDF(464.21 K)]


  2021,20(9):695-696 [Abstract]  [View PDF(292.06 K)]


Review of coronary in-stent restenosis and its risk factors
  YAN Qi-Kun, WANG Ya-Bin and CAO Feng
  2021,20(9):697-701 [Abstract]  [View PDF(1.01 M)]
Evaluation of coronary atheroscleroticplaque risk by machine learning technology based on coronary CT angiography features
  WANG Wei-Ran, WANG Rong, WANG Geng-Xin and SHAN Dong-Kai
  2021,20(9):702-706 [Abstract]  [View PDF(408.76 K)]
Extending healthspan:a new anti-aging strategy
  ZHANG Dai-Yi and PU Jian-Hong
  2021,20(9):707-711 [Abstract]  [View PDF(439.93 K)]
Research progress of high-flow nasal cannula humidified oxygen therapy in patientswith respiratory failure
  WEI Yi-Mei, BAO Yong-Xia and XU You-Song
  2021,20(9):712-715 [Abstract]  [View PDF(366.29 K)]
Management of postoperative delirium in elderly patients with hip fracture
  MENG Tian-Yu, YIN Zhan-Hai, LI Meng and REN Yan-Ping
  2021,20(9):716-720 [Abstract]  [View PDF(544.68 K)]