Volume 20,Number 7,2021 Table of Contents

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  2021,20(7) [Abstract]  [View PDF(512.35 K)]

Clinical Research

Efficacy and safety of different doses of rivaroxaban in treatment of elderly non-valvular atrial fibrillation
  WANG Hai-Ming, ZHAO Yun-Zhang, LIU Zi-Fan, GAO Yi-Fan, SUN Zhe, LIN Ying, ZHANG Ran, XU Yong and GUO Xin-Hong
  2021,20(7):481-487 [Abstract]  [View PDF(533.74 K)]
Prognostic value of qSOFA score and MNA score combined with serum procalcitonin level for elderly with severe community-acquired pneumonia
  WU Yu-Dan, WU Mei-Jing, CHEN Ying-Shi, YOU Ying-Yu and FU Qiong-E
  2021,20(7):488-493 [Abstract]  [View PDF(296.70 K)]
Clinicopathological characteristics of hyperglycemic elderly patients with colorectal cancer and analysis on postoperative complications
  XU Min, LI Xing-Wang, LU Hai-Long and YANG Rong-Li
  2021,20(7):494-498 [Abstract]  [View PDF(392.17 K)]
Clinical characteristics and risk factors of cerebral infarction complicated with metabolic syndrome in the elderly
  WANG Tai-Shan, LU Hui and LUO Yan-Fang
  2021,20(7):499-503 [Abstract]  [View PDF(418.63 K)]
Clinical efficiency of robot system assisted unicompartmental knee arthroplasty for treatment of knee osteoarthritis in elderly patients
  YIN Cai-Xia, LIN Mu-Dan and CHAI Wei
  2021,20(7):504-507 [Abstract]  [View PDF(388.53 K)]
Effects of patient and caregiver health literacy on self-care in elderly chronic heart failure patients in Zhengzhou city
  ZHANG Yan-Jie, YANG Qiao-Fang and TIAN Huan
  2021,20(7):508-513 [Abstract]  [View PDF(431.87 K)]
Effects of physical exercise combined with music on memory, psychological symptoms and activities of daily living in patients with mild Alzheimer′s disease
  MU Hai-Yan, LYU Ji-Hui, CUI Meng-Nan, HAO Zhi-Hui, LI Wen-Jie and LI Mo
  2021,20(7):514-517 [Abstract]  [View PDF(367.10 K)]
A high risk factor of acute ischemic stroke — Bayes syndrome:ECG manifestation and its correlation with other risk factors of acute ischemic stroke
  LIU Hong-Ping, FANG Fang, TANG Hai-Tao and CHEN Song-Tao
  2021,20(7):518-522 [Abstract]  [View PDF(413.05 K)]
Effect of modified Trendelenburg position on cognitive dysfunction after robot-assisted radical prostatectomy in the elderly
  FU Shuang, LI Xue-Yun, RUI Lin and HUA Wei
  2021,20(7):523-526 [Abstract]  [View PDF(378.36 K)]
Risk factors of leukoaraiosis severity in elderly patients and its correlation with diabetes mellitus
  WANG Ping, LIU Yu, WANG Shu, TANG Min and ZHOU Qun
  2021,20(7):527-531 [Abstract]  [View PDF(512.44 K)]
Risk factors of early neurological deterioration and hemorrhagic transformation of posterior circulation ischemic stroke
  DING Jing-Jing, ZHANG Xin-Jiang, LUO Yang, REN Xiao-Mei, FENG Wei-Ju and XU Jing
  2021,20(7):532-537 [Abstract]  [View PDF(439.94 K)]

Basic Research

Role of p53 signaling pathway in myocardial ischemia/reperfusion injury in rats pretreated with Scutellaria barbata flavonoids
  YU Miao and LI Tie-Cheng
  2021,20(7):538-543 [Abstract]  [View PDF(1.73 M)]

Case Report

  2021,20(7):544-546 [Abstract]  [View PDF(1.09 M)]


Research progress in influencing factors for warfarin individualized medication
  SHAN Guang-Dong and GU Xiang
  2021,20(7):547-551 [Abstract]  [View PDF(439.27 K)]
Research progress in neoadjuvant chemotherapy for locally advanced rectal cancer
  WANG Kang, ZHANG Yue and HAN Zhen-Guo
  2021,20(7):552-555 [Abstract]  [View PDF(379.60 K)]
Research progress in risk factors for dysphagia after anterior cervical fusion surgery
  HUANG Yi, QIN Zhi-Yong, MA Xun, FENG Hao-Yu, CHEN Chen, JI Chun-Lei and XU Hao
  2021,20(7):556-560 [Abstract]  [View PDF(436.23 K)]