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  2021,20(11) [Abstract]  [View PDF(2.65 M)]
  2021,20(11) [Abstract]  [View PDF(503.30 K)]

Clinical Research

Changes of kidney function with aging:an analysis based on 29 167 cases taking physical examination from a county in north part of Jiangsu Province
  SUN Yue, ZHAO Wei-Hong, XU Yun, WANG Hong, WEI Lu, YONG Zheng-Zhu, ZHANG Juan, ZHU Bei and NI Xin-Ran
  2021,20(11):801-806 [Abstract]  [View PDF(782.06 K)]
Features of mild cognitive impairment in elderly patients with non-valvular atrial fibrillation and its influencing factors
  YANG Yi, WANG Fang and ZHANG Cun-Tai
  2021,20(11):807-811 [Abstract]  [View PDF(427.64 K)]
Characteristics and risk factors of COPD-OSAHS overlap syndrome
  WANG Ya-Ya, WANG Xiao-Jun, DU Yan-Ling, LUAN Qiang-Qiang and QIAN Xiao-Shun
  2021,20(11):812-816 [Abstract]  [View PDF(406.02 K)]
Epidemiological investigation of postoperative venous thromboembolism in elderly patients in Peking Union Medical College Hospital
  LIU Si-Hua, ZHAO Qing, HE Xin, WANG Xin, YANG Yu-Qing, XU Qing and SHI Ju-Hong
  2021,20(11):817-822 [Abstract]  [View PDF(638.76 K)]
Uncertainty in illness in patients with coronary artery stenting and their families and its influencing factors
  LIU Wen-Ying, NI Chun-Ping, LI Lu, LI Jing, XING Xin-Di and HUA Yan
  2021,20(11):823-828 [Abstract]  [View PDF(418.93 K)]
Frailty of the elderly in the communities of Haikou municipality and its influencing factors
  LI Xiu-Chun, MAO Yan-Fang, PAN A-Xiu, ZHOU Lin, FU Qiu-Meng, ZHOU Wen-Jie and YANG Xiao-Li
  2021,20(11):829-833 [Abstract]  [View PDF(396.67 K)]
Predictive value of Caprini risk assessment model for deep venous thrombosis in very old patients with chronic heart failure
  ZHOU Ying, CHEN Ce, ZHAO Bo, ZHAO Nan-Nan, REN Li-Hui and PENG Jian-Jun
  2021,20(11):834-838 [Abstract]  [View PDF(466.31 K)]
Prognostic values of procalcitonin and D-dimer for severe pneumonia in the elderly
  ZHANG Yi, HUANG Yan, HE Yong-Mei, ZHU Ya-Li, MA Shui-Ting and CHEN Ji-Chao
  2021,20(11):839-843 [Abstract]  [View PDF(492.16 K)]
Prognostic value of serum procalcitonin /a lbumin ratio combined with sequential organ failure assessment in septic patients
  HE Li-Ling, WEN Ji-Lan, MA Tian-Long and YAN Xin-Ming
  2021,20(11):844-847 [Abstract]  [View PDF(449.23 K)]
Hypoxia in the elderly with hip fracture and related risk factors
  LIU Xiao, LIU Zhi-Wei and WANG Meng-Qin
  2021,20(11):848-851 [Abstract]  [View PDF(382.08 K)]
Influence of Wechat technology on education in rational drug use and medication compliance in community-dwelling elderly hypertensive patients
  SONG Wen-Juan, ZHANG Jie, GONG Ping and QI Xiao-Lei
  2021,20(11):852-855 [Abstract]  [View PDF(398.81 K)]

Case Report

  2021,20(11):856-858 [Abstract]  [View PDF(519.76 K)]


Progress in arrhythmia in heart failure caused by transient outward potassium current and channel abnormalities
  WANG Yan-Li, LI Yang, LIU Jin-Feng, GUAN Xuan-Ke, CHANG Xing and LIU Ru-Xiu
  2021,20(11):859-861 [Abstract]  [View PDF(367.76 K)]
Progress in research of ultrasonic indicators for carotid atherosclerosis in diagnosis and treatment of coronary disease
  CHEN Wei-Na and GU Xiang
  2021,20(11):862-865 [Abstract]  [View PDF(388.00 K)]
Progress on association of non-fasting lipid profiles with occurrence and prognosis of atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease
  CHENG Qi, HUANG Yu-Qing and FENG Ying-Qing
  2021,20(11):866-870 [Abstract]  [View PDF(418.83 K)]
Recognition and prevention of sudden cardiac death in patients with hypertrophic cardiomyopathy
  CHEN Liu-Lin and HAO Chun-Yan
  2021,20(11):871-875 [Abstract]  [View PDF(431.45 K)]
Progress in diagnosis and treatment of endometrial polyps
  QIU Li-Rong and NIU Zhan-Qin
  2021,20(11):876-880 [Abstract]  [View PDF(423.84 K)]