Volume 19,Number 7,2020 Table of Contents

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  2020,19(7) [Abstract]  [View PDF(517.89 K)]


Status quo and challenge of osteoporotic fracture in the elderly
  ZHANG Li-Hai
  2020,19(7):481-484 [Abstract]  [View PDF(713.60 K)]


Failure causes of internal fixation for intertrochanteric fractures and revi-sion surgery
  ZHANG Gong-Zi, ZHANG Shu-Wei, CAO Zuo, WANG Xiang, SUI Yi, LUO Shi-Cheng and ZHANG Li-Hai
  2020,19(7):485-489 [Abstract]  [View PDF(828.17 K)]
Comparison on short-term efficacy of total hip arthroplasty with dual-mobility cup and hemiarthroplasty in treatment of femoral neck fracture in the elderly
  LI Shu-Ming, LIANG Yong-Hui, LIU Shen, SONG Guang-Ze, LI Yong-Jun, WEI Xing and CHEN Jing
  2020,19(7):490-493 [Abstract]  [View PDF(611.23 K)]
“Trailing sign” anchored cement kyphoplasty for Kummell′s disease
  LI Yong-Jun, LIANG Yong-Hui, WEI Xing, GU Feng, SONG Guang-Ze, SHI Li-Gang, LI Qing-Song and LI Shu-Ming
  2020,19(7):494-498 [Abstract]  [View PDF(784.31 K)]
Clinical efficacy of locking plate combined with minimally invasive plate osteosynthesis versus intramedullary nail fixation in treatment of proximal humeral fracture in the elderly
  LIANG Yong-Hui, LI Yong-Jun, GU Feng, LI Xin-Tian, GUO Wen-Jie, LIU Shen, LIANG Bo-Ran, TANG Zheng-Jie, HE Yi-Zhen and WEI Xing
  2020,19(7):499-503 [Abstract]  [View PDF(830.73 K)]
Curative effect of minimally invasive approach with preservation of palmar side of pronator quadratus in treatment of distal radius fracture in the elderly
  GU Feng, LIANG Yong-Hui, LIU Shen, LI Xin-Tian, GUO Wen-Jie, LI Qing-Song and WEI Xing
  2020,19(7):504-507 [Abstract]  [View PDF(757.15 K)]
Progress in diagnosis and treatment of fragility fractures of pelvis in the elderly
  LI Ke-Xuan and LIANG Yong-Hui
  2020,19(7):508-511 [Abstract]  [View PDF(543.70 K)]
  2020,19(7):512-514 [Abstract]  [View PDF(662.14 K)]

Clinical Research

Risk factors for new cardiac adverse events in the elderly after hip fractureoperation
  YANG Bo, YANG Jin-Cai, ZANG Chuan-Yi, LIANG Zhi-Lin, ZHAO Xiao-Lin and CHEN Xiao-Li
  2020,19(7):515-519 [Abstract]  [View PDF(662.36 K)]
Factors associated with multi-drug-resistant bacterial infections in elderly inpatients with acute attack of chronic bronchitis
  XIE Zhao-Yun, LI Yao-Fu, MENG Gui-Luan, JIN Cheng-Zhen and WANG You-Cai
  2020,19(7):520-524 [Abstract]  [View PDF(627.00 K)]
Effect of stress-induced hyperglycemia on prognosis in patients with severe brain injury
  ZHANG Ning, HAN Shuang-Jian, YU Fan and ZHAO Wen-Jing
  2020,19(7):525-529 [Abstract]  [View PDF(760.53 K)]
Predictive value of N-terminal pro-B-type natriuretic peptide, high-sensitivity C-reactive protein and serum CD137 in left ventricular remodeling among patients with acute myocardial infarction
  YIN Yun-Jie, WENG Jia-Yi, XU Liang and CHEN Yan-Chun
  2020,19(7):530-534 [Abstract]  [View PDF(706.55 K)]
Efficacy of His bundle pacing in patients with heart failure:a meta-analysis
  CHEN She-An, ZHANG Man-Man, SUN Lei, ZHANG Yi, BAO Zheng-Yu, CHEN Fu-Kun, LI Hong-Xiao and GU Xiang
  2020,19(7):535-540 [Abstract]  [View PDF(1.18 M)]
Efficacy and safety of reteplase in treatment of elderly patients with cerebral infarction
  ZHANG Su-Xia, ZHONG Bao-Quan, HE Xiao-Xiao and ZHANG Li-Tang
  2020,19(7):541-544 [Abstract]  [View PDF(603.78 K)]

Basic Research

Protective effect of total saponins of dioscorea pathaica on cardiac senescence induced by advanced glycation end-products and its mechanism
  XU Wan-Ying, ZHA Zhi-Min, FENG Chu-Yan and GUO Yan
  2020,19(7):545-550 [Abstract]  [View PDF(1.78 M)]

Case Report

  2020,19(7):551-553 [Abstract]  [View PDF(674.52 K)]
  2020,19(7):554-555 [Abstract]  [View PDF(325.78 K)]


Research progress in myocardial injury and protection during extracorporeal circulation
  WANG Zhi-Fa and GU Chun-Hu
  2020,19(7):556-560 [Abstract]  [View PDF(719.15 K)]