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  2019,18(10) [Abstract]  [View PDF(499.65 K)]

Clinical Research

Effect of integrated cardiac rehabilitation on cardiopulmonary function and psychological status in myocardial infarction patients
  MA Jing, ZHANG Ying-Yue, LI Hai-Yan, GE Cheng, XU Yong and CHEN Yun-Dai
  2019,18(10):721-725 [Abstract]  [View PDF(801.57 K)]
Effect of tele-monitored home-based cardiac rehabilitation on blood pressure and lipids in patients with coronary heart disease after percutaneous coronary intervention
  GE Cheng, XU Yong, XING Long-Fang, ZHAO Cheng-Hui, MA Jing and CHEN Yun-Dai
  2019,18(10):726-731 [Abstract]  [View PDF(741.43 K)]
A Meta-analysis of clinical efficacy of rehabilitation care combined with acupuncture in treating of lumbar disc herniation
  ZHENG De-Sha, JI Zhao-Hua, CHEN Yan-Feng, SHI Xiao-Juan, SU Xiang-Ni and NI Chun-Ping
  2019,18(10):732-737 [Abstract]  [View PDF(1.23 M)]
Current status of cognitive frailty and its influencing factors in hospitalized elderly with comorbidities
  WANG Ling-Xiao, YANG Yong-Xue, GUAN Li-Juan and SHEN Jing
  2019,18(10):738-742 [Abstract]  [View PDF(600.04 K)]
Correlation between subclinical hypothyroidism and bone mineral density in postmenopausal women
  JIN Feng-Zhong, CAO Gui-Hua, LIU Yan, WANG Xiao-Ming and NING Xiao-Xuan
  2019,18(10):743-746 [Abstract]  [View PDF(533.49 K)]
Correlation of mild cognitive impairment with elderly type 2 diabetes mellitus and pre-diabetes
  WANG Lin, LI Bo, LI Bao-Zhu, WU Kun and ZHANG Xuan
  2019,18(10):747-752 [Abstract]  [View PDF(691.64 K)]
Prevalence study on satisfaction of hospice care services in long-term care facilities in Tianjin
  ZHANG Tong, SUN Yan-Qiu, LIU Fu-Quan, LIU Ming-Qing, WANG Wei and LIU Zun
  2019,18(10):753-757 [Abstract]  [View PDF(621.62 K)]
Efficacy and safety of compound reserpine and amphetamine tablets for the treatment of hypertension in the elderly patients:results from a national multi-center study
  ZHU Guo-Hua, SUN Xi-Peng, LI Jing, PI Lin, TANG Hai-Qin, GAO Hai-Qing, CONG Hong-Liang, QU Peng, LU Xin-Zheng, ZHANG Xin-Jun, ZHAO Luo-Sha, GUO Yi-Fang, LIU Dong-Xia, ZHANG Liang-Qing, TANG Hua, HUA Qi and FAN Li
  2019,18(10):758-764 [Abstract]  [View PDF(882.09 K)]
Correlation between salt intake and non-alcoholic fatty liver disease in type 2 diabetes mellitus patients in northern China
  LIANG Yi-Fei, KUANG Hong-Yu, QIN Wen, ZHU Wen-Bo, LIU Nian-Jiao, ZUO Jiao and HAN Shuang
  2019,18(10):765-768 [Abstract]  [View PDF(517.47 K)]
Clinical efficacy of theophylline sustained-release tablets in treatment of tiglillo-related dyspnea in patients with coronary heart disease
  ZHANG Yan and SHANG Shan-Shan
  2019,18(10):769-772 [Abstract]  [View PDF(585.94 K)]

Basic Research

Interventional effect of melatonin in rat model of pulmonary arterial hypertension
  YANG Wan-Lin, YANG De-Hui, TANG Yu-Yi and YI Ding-Feng
  2019,18(10):773-777 [Abstract]  [View PDF(956.58 K)]


  2019,18(10):778-779 [Abstract]  [View PDF(335.51 K)]

Clinicopathological Conference

Diagnosis and treatment of multiple traumas concomitant with unstable pelvic fracture in the elderly
  LIANG Yong-Hui, GU Feng, GUO Wen-Jie, LIU Yu, LI Qing-Song, LIU Shen, WEI Xing and WANG Xu-Dong
  2019,18(10):780-783 [Abstract]  [View PDF(821.81 K)]


Roles of programmed cell death protein-1 and its ligand in pathogenesis of myocarditis
  HU Shun-Ying, YANG Qian and CHEN Yun-Dai
  2019,18(10):784-787 [Abstract]  [View PDF(496.39 K)]
Type D personality:a risk factor of coronary heart disease
  ZHUANG Xian-Jing, ZHOU Jie, ZHANG Ou, GENG Yu, LI Si-Yuan and MIAO Guo-Bin
  2019,18(10):788-791 [Abstract]  [View PDF(583.62 K)]
Research progress of relationship between homocysteine and coronary heart disease
  LI Yi-Nan, WANG Ping and CHEN Hui
  2019,18(10):792-795 [Abstract]  [View PDF(523.38 K)]
Related factors for delayed diagnosis of pulmonary thromboembolism
  KONG Ying-Ying, LAN Xue-Li and CHEN Ji-Chao
  2019,18(10):796-800 [Abstract]  [View PDF(652.04 K)]