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  Published 12 28 , 2018
  2018,17(12) [Abstract]  [View PDF(512.38 K)]
  Published 12 28 , 2018
  2018,17(12) [Abstract]  [View PDF(850.45 K)]

Clinical Research

Prophylactic analgesic effects of dexmedetomidine in combination with dezocine in the hypertensive elderly patients undergoing thoracoscopic surgery
  ZHANG Wen-Jing, LI Jian-Li and RONG Jun-Fang
  Published 12 28 , 2018
  2018,17(12):881-885 [Abstract]  [View PDF(419.77 K)]
Polypharmacy and medication reconciliation in the hospitalized elderly patients near the end of life
  YAN Xue-Lian, SUN Xue, FU Yue-Chen, LIU Hang-Mei, MEI Dan, ZHANG Bo, ZHU Ming-Lei and LIU Xiao-Hong
  Published 12 28 , 2018
  2018,17(12):886-889 [Abstract]  [View PDF(383.78 K)]
Effect of dexmedetomidine on the perioperative stress response and postoperative cognition in the elderly patients receiving spinal surgery
  FAN Juan, TIAN Qing-Rong, TENG Jin-Liang, XIA Deng-Yun and LI Fu-Long
  Published 12 28 , 2018
  2018,17(12):890-894 [Abstract]  [View PDF(446.55 K)]
Related factors of multiple drug resistant infection in aged patients with hypostatic pneumonia:analysis of 622 cases
  XIE Zhao-Yun, LI Yao-Fu, XIONG Yun, MENG Gui-Luan, YANG Huai and YANG Zhong-Ling
  Published 12 28 , 2018
  2018,17(12):895-900 [Abstract]  [View PDF(447.90 K)]
Clinical characteristics and medications for hospital-acquired acute kidney injury in the elderly patients
  LIAN Xing-Ji, CHEN Yuan-Han, LIN Jie-Shan, WU Yan-Hua, YU Feng, HU Wen-Xue, LIU Wei and HAO Wen-Ke
  Published 12 28 , 2018
  2018,17(12):901-905 [Abstract]  [View PDF(403.90 K)]
Change of biochemical bone turnover markers in the middle-aged and elderly men with type 2 diabetes mellitus and osteoporosis
  ZHU Hui-Jing, YANG Ming-Ming, ZHU Xin, WANG Hui-Li, CHENG Lin, CHENG Xing-Bo and PEI Yu
  Published 12 28 , 2018
  2018,17(12):906-910 [Abstract]  [View PDF(405.20 K)]
Clinical value of procalcitonin in febrile patients with lung cancer
  SUN Hong-Mei, CHEN Wen-Zhang and BAO Yun-Hua
  Published 12 28 , 2018
  2018,17(12):911-914 [Abstract]  [View PDF(496.37 K)]
Efficacy of low-dose ticagrelor in the treatment of acute coronary syndrome in the elderly patients with chronic renal insufficiency
  YANG Qiao-Ni and WANG Yu-Jing
  Published 12 28 , 2018
  2018,17(12):915-918 [Abstract]  [View PDF(368.24 K)]
Efficacy of Chaihu Shugan powder combined with rabeprazole in the treatment of peptic ulcer in the elderly
  PENG Yan, LIU Pei and CHEN Qi
  Published 12 28 , 2018
  2018,17(12):919-922 [Abstract]  [View PDF(415.48 K)]
Correlation between walking function and bowel preparation for colonoscopy in the elderly patients
  LU Qin, FU Wan-Fa, JI Hong-Li, ZHANG Fen-Yan, HUANG Hui and CHEN Ming
  Published 12 28 , 2018
  2018,17(12):923-926 [Abstract]  [View PDF(361.82 K)]


  Published 12 28 , 2018
  2018,17(12):927-928 [Abstract]  [View PDF(1.59 M)]

Case Report

  Published 12 28 , 2018
  2018,17(12):929-930 [Abstract]  [View PDF(3.65 M)]

Clinicopathological Conference

Complicated hemodialysis vascular access in an elderly patient
  GAO Fei, ZHU Bei, BAI Yun, ZHANG Tao, YANG Hong-Yu and ZHAO Wei-Hong
  Published 12 28 , 2018
  2018,17(12):931-934 [Abstract]  [View PDF(951.50 K)]


Micro ribonucleic acid in relation to the heterogeneous reactivity of antiplatelet drugs:progress and perspectives
  LIU Jun and YIN Tong
  Published 12 28 , 2018
  2018,17(12):935-940 [Abstract]  [View PDF(494.76 K)]
Clinical characteristics of acute pancreatitis in the elderly
  WANG Chen-Yang and WANG Wei-Xing
  Published 12 28 , 2018
  2018,17(12):941-944 [Abstract]  [View PDF(385.84 K)]
Vascular risk factors and cognitive impairment in the elderly:a review
  KANG Kai, HAI Jian and WANG Da-Peng
  Published 12 28 , 2018
  2018,17(12):945-948 [Abstract]  [View PDF(357.04 K)]
Adverse effects of statins and prevention strategies in clinical application:a review
  YUAN Cheng-Ying, HOU Yuan-Ping, CHANG Jing and SUN Qian-Mei
  Published 12 28 , 2018
  2018,17(12):949-951 [Abstract]  [View PDF(359.33 K)]
Recent progress in research with animal models for age-related renal interstitial fibrosis
  WANG Yan-Fei, CHANG Jing, GAO Yun, HOU Yuan-Ping and SUN Qian-Mei
  Published 12 28 , 2018
  2018,17(12):952-955 [Abstract]  [View PDF(398.26 K)]
Health management and prevention of cardiovascular disease in the elderly
  CHEN Lu, QIN Ming-Zhao and WANG Ning
  Published 12 28 , 2018
  2018,17(12):956-960 [Abstract]  [View PDF(415.67 K)]