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Chinese language
  Chinese Journal of Multiple Organ Diseases in the Elderly
  Published 2 28 , 2016
  2016,15(02) [Abstract]  [View PDF(188.12 K)]
English language
  Chinese Journal of Multiple Organ Diseases in the Elderly
  Published 2 28 , 2016
  2016,15(02) [Abstract]  [View PDF(98.20 K)]

Brief Introduction of Expert Soliciting Special Topic

Brief Introduction of Expert Soliciting Special Topic
  Brief Introduction of Expert Soliciting Special Topic
  Published 2 28 , 2016
  2016,15(02) [Abstract]  [View PDF(98.85 K)]


Percutaneous coronary intervention in elderly patients with coronary heart disease
  HAN Ya-Ling
  Published 2 28 , 2016
  2016,15(02):81-84 [Abstract]  [View PDF(328.05 K)]

Special Topic

Clinical characteristics of coronary chronic total occlusion in the elderly
  ZHANG Jian, LI Yi, JING Quan-Min, WANG Xiao-Zeng, MA Ying-Yan, WANG Geng, LIU Hai-Wei, WANG Bin, XU Kai, HAN Ya-Ling*
  Published 2 28 , 2016
  2016,15(02):85-88 [Abstract]  [View PDF(341.83 K)]
Influence of bivalirudin on efficacy and platelet count in AMI patients after PCI assisted with intra-aortic balloon pump
  ZHANG Yan1,2, ZHAO Xin1*, HAN Ya-Ling1*, GU Chong-Huai1,2, REN Li-Li1, PENG Jun-Yin1,2, WANG Xiao-Zeng1
  Published 2 28 , 2016
  2016,15(02):89-93 [Abstract]  [View PDF(434.73 K)]
Influence of age on contrast-induced acute kidney injury in acute ST-segment elevation myocardial infarction patients after emergency percutaneous coronary intervention
  WANG Ya, DU Zhan-Kui, WANG Xiao-Zeng*, GU Ruo-Xi, HE Rui-Xia, ZHOU Tie-Nan, HAN Ya-Ling
  Published 2 28 , 2016
  2016,15(02):94-97 [Abstract]  [View PDF(366.69 K)]
Clinical features and coronary lesion characteristics in elderly women with acute ST-segment elevation myocardial infarction undergoing primary percutaneous coronary intervention
  ZHOU He, WANG Xiao-Zeng*, WANG Geng, LIANG Zhen-Yang, HAN Ya-Ling*
  Published 2 28 , 2016
  2016,15(02):98-101 [Abstract]  [View PDF(358.97 K)]
Clinical characteristics of coronary plaques differentiated by intravascular ultrasound
  BAI Yan-Ping1,2, XU Kai1*, DONG Hai1, JING Quan-Min1, HAN Ya-Ling1
  Published 2 28 , 2016
  2016,15(02):102-106 [Abstract]  [View PDF(580.07 K)]
Feasibility of retrograde approach for recanalization of coronary chronic total occlusion in the elderly
  DONG Hai1, TIAN Bing2, LIU Jia1, WANG Geng1, XU Kai1, GUAN Shao-Yi1, LIU Hai-Wei1, HAN Ya-Ling1, JING Quan-Min1*
  Published 2 28 , 2016
  2016,15(02):107-111 [Abstract]  [View PDF(381.88 K)]

Clinical Research

Clinical analysis of ticagrelor-related dyspnea in coronary artery disease patients
  WANG Xu-Yun, XI Shao-Zhi, LIU Jia, JING Jing, CHEN Yun-Dai, YIN Tong*
  Published 2 28 , 2016
  2016,15(02):112-117 [Abstract]  [View PDF(401.95 K)]
Effect of referral assessment and interdisciplinary team treatment on clinical outcomes in elderly patients
  ZHAO Gang1, ZHANG Yi-Fan2*
  Published 2 28 , 2016
  2016,15(02):118-121 [Abstract]  [View PDF(342.13 K)]
Analysis on body mass index and all-cause mortality in 237 retired military cadres
  YANG Ling, ZHANG Ting, CAI Quan-Cai, YU Xiao-Wen, WANG Yue, WANG Shi-Bo, TUO Xi-Ping*
  Published 2 28 , 2016
  2016,15(02):122-126 [Abstract]  [View PDF(345.92 K)]
Correlation of functional activities and muscle mass with lower limb muscle strength in aged sarcopenic men
  ZHU Ya-Qiong, ZHOU Ming, PENG Nan*
  Published 2 28 , 2016
  2016,15(02):127-130 [Abstract]  [View PDF(341.98 K)]
Efficacies of ticagrelor and clopidogrel and their correlation with CYP2C19 gene polymorphisms in patients with acute coronary syndrome
  WANG Bin, XUE Yu-Sheng*, NI Si-Feng, YU Liang, SHANG Fu-Jun
  Published 2 28 , 2016
  2016,15(02):131-134 [Abstract]  [View PDF(381.08 K)]
Efficiency of infra-low-frequency transcranial magnetic stimulation combined with mirtazapine on depressive symptoms in patients with Alzheimer’s disease
  LI Mo1*, GAO Mao-Long2, LYU Ji-Hui1, HAO Zhi-Hui1, LI Wen-Jie1, MU Hai-Yan1
  Published 2 28 , 2016
  2016,15(02):135-138 [Abstract]  [View PDF(353.75 K)]

Basic Research

Adiponectin alleviates genioglossal mitochondrial injury induced by chronic intermittent hypoxia in rats
  JI Ling-Ling1, HUANG Han-Peng2, ZHANG Xiao-Feng3, DING Wen-Xiao1, WANG Wen-Jing4, ZHANG Xi-Long1*
  Published 2 28 , 2016
  2016,15(02):139-145 [Abstract]  [View PDF(1.08 M)]


Diagnosis and treatment of 9 cases of idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis with lung cancer
  NI Nan, LIN Lin
  Published 2 28 , 2016
  2016,15(02):146-149 [Abstract]  [View PDF(288.96 K)]


Research progress on metabolic alterations in diabetic vascular endothelial cells
  WANG Juan1, HA Xiao-Qin2*
  Published 2 28 , 2016
  2016,15(02):148-152 [Abstract]  [View PDF(343.87 K)]
Sodium channel and chronic heart failure
  LI Li1, LI Yang2*, GAN Fang-Liang3, HE Xi-Zhen3*
  Published 2 28 , 2016
  2016,15(02):153-156 [Abstract]  [View PDF(345.77 K)]
Role of astrocytes in pathogenesis of Alzheimer’s disease
  LIU Yan-Qiu, SHENG Shu-Li, ZHANG Xin-Qing*
  Published 2 28 , 2016
  2016,15(02):157-160 [Abstract]  [View PDF(318.52 K)]