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Chinese language
  Chinese Journal of Multiple Organ Diseases in the Elderly
  Published 12 28 , 2015
  2015,14(12) [Abstract]  [View PDF(201.39 K)]
English language
  Chinese Journal of Multiple Organ Diseases in the Elderly
  Published 12 28 , 2015
  2015,14(12) [Abstract]  [View PDF(98.00 K)]

Brief Introduction of Expert Soliciting Special Topic

Brief Introduction of Expert Soliciting Special Topic
  Brief Introduction of Expert Soliciting Special Topic
  Published 12 28 , 2015
  2015,14(12) [Abstract]  [View PDF(111.34 K)]


Pulmonary vascular diseases in elderly patients
  SHI Ju-Hong
  Published 12 28 , 2015
  2015,14(12):881-883 [Abstract]  [View PDF(297.71 K)]

Special Topic

The long-term prognosis and influencing factors of acute pulmonary thromboembolism in the elderly: analysis of 627 cases
  ZHANG Shuai1,2,3, ZHAI Zhen-Guo1,2,3,4*, YANG Yuan-Hua4, GONG Juan-Ni4, XIE Wan-Mu1,2,3, KUANG Tu-Guang4, WANG Chen1,2,3*
  Published 12 28 , 2015
  2015,14(12):884-888 [Abstract]  [View PDF(382.31 K)]
Clinical features and outcomes of microscopic polyangiitis in the elderly
  JIN Xiao-Sheng1, WANG Wen-Yue1,3, CHENG Man-Man1, PENG Min1, ZHENG Wen-Jie2, YU Chang-Li1,3, SHI Ju-Hong1*
  Published 12 28 , 2015
  2015,14(12):889-893 [Abstract]  [View PDF(424.62 K)]
Correlation of D-dimer level with clot burden of pulmonary embolism: report of 69 cases
  FANG Chun-Xiao1, AN Jun1, JI Ying-Qun1*, SUN Bo2, LI Zhi-Yong2, ZHANG Zhong-He1
  Published 12 28 , 2015
  2015,14(12):894-900 [Abstract]  [View PDF(720.35 K)]
Predictive value of simplified pulmonary embolism severity index for pulmonary thromboembolism in the elderly
  ZHANG Yun-Jian1*, WANG Xiao-Fang1, LUO Ling1, SHI Ju-Hong2
  Published 12 28 , 2015
  2015,14(12):901-905 [Abstract]  [View PDF(458.04 K)]
Clinical analysis on Uygur elderly patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease complicated with pulmonary hypertension
  WU Hao1, JIAN Dai-Guo2, LIU Jin-Ming3*, Wureguli2, FAN Jiang-Peng2, Nuerziya2, MIAO Yu-Lin2, Abudurexiti2, YIN Xue-Lan2
  Published 12 28 , 2015
  2015,14(12):906-909 [Abstract]  [View PDF(370.13 K)]
Survey and analysis on coexisting diseases and death in hospitalized patients with pulmonary embolism
  XIE Hua, LIU Mei-Cen, SONG Di, LIU Jia, ZENG Qing-Wei, LI Li, ZHANG Jun-Li, MA Zhuang*
  Published 12 28 , 2015
  2015,14(12):910-913 [Abstract]  [View PDF(344.83 K)]
Value of multislice spiral computed tomography in diagnosis and treatment of acute pulmonary embolism in the elderly
  MAO Ding-Biao1, QI Lin1, CHEN Yang2, HUA Yan-Qing1*
  Published 12 28 , 2015
  2015,14(12):914-917 [Abstract]  [View PDF(366.67 K)]
Manifestations of pulmonary vascular lesions in Behcet’s disease by multislice spiral computed tomography
  LU Fang1, GUAN Jian-Long2, SHI Jing-Yun3, MAO Ding-Biao1, HUA Yan-Qing1*
  Published 12 28 , 2015
  2015,14(12):918-922 [Abstract]  [View PDF(1.12 M)]
Effect of hydrogen sulfide donor on caveolin-1 expression in pulmonary artery smooth muscle cells from hypoxic rats
  YUAN Ping1, WANG Li-Li2, WANG Lan1, ZHAO Qin-Hua1, JIANG Rong1, GONG Su-Gang1, LIU Jin-Ming1*
  Published 12 28 , 2015
  2015,14(12):923-928 [Abstract]  [View PDF(988.67 K)]
Pulmonary vascular malformation complicated with organizing pneumonia: one case report
  LIU Zhong-Liu, WANG Ming-Ming, YI Xiang-Hua, et al
  Published 12 28 , 2015
  2015,14(12):929-930 [Abstract]  [View PDF(1.25 M)]
Characteristics of pulmonary thromboembolism in the elderly and thought of its diagnosis and treatment
  GONG Juan-Ni1, ZHAI Zhen-Guo1,2,3,4, YANG Yuan-Hua1*
  Published 12 28 , 2015
  2015,14(12):931-935 [Abstract]  [View PDF(382.49 K)]
Points needing attention in application of new oral anticoagulants in elderly patients
  YANG Yuan-Hua*, ZHANG Meng
  Published 12 28 , 2015
  2015,14(12):936-939 [Abstract]  [View PDF(347.06 K)]
Progress in diagnosis and treatment for pulmonary thromboembolism in the elderly with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease
  HU Ping, ZHANG Yun-Jian*
  Published 12 28 , 2015
  2015,14(12):940-943 [Abstract]  [View PDF(320.94 K)]
Clinical features of eosinophilic granulomatosis with polyangiitis in the elderly
  WANG Wen-Yue1, YU Chang-Li1, SHI Ju-Hong2*
  Published 12 28 , 2015
  2015,14(12):944-947 [Abstract]  [View PDF(329.62 K)]

Clinical Research

Different equations for estimated glomerular filtration rate in assessment of kidney function decline in Chinese elderly
  ZHU Ying1,2, WEI Lu2, PEI Xiao-Hua2, ZHU Bei2, DUAN Yu3, ZHAO Wei-Hong2*
  Published 12 28 , 2015
  2015,14(12):948-952 [Abstract]  [View PDF(362.70 K)]

Subject headings

Subject index 2015
  Subject index 2015
  Published 12 28 , 2015
  2015,14(12) [Abstract]  [View PDF(688.77 K)]


Therapeutic value of curcumin for Alzheimer’s disease and methods to increase its bioavailability
  YU Xiao-Wen1, WANG Xiao-Qing2, ZHANG Wen-Jun1, WANG Shi-Bo1, YANG Ling1, WANG Yue1, TUO Xi-Ping1*
  Published 12 28 , 2015
  2015,14(12):953-956 [Abstract]  [View PDF(365.56 K)]
Points on medication administration and suggestions on selection of traditional Chinese medicine for health care in the elderly
  HAN Yu1*, LEI Yang2, JIN Li-Di1
  Published 12 28 , 2015
  2015,14(12):957-960 [Abstract]  [View PDF(404.09 K)]