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Chinese language
  Chinese Journal of Multiple Organ Diseases in the Elderly
  Published 6 28 , 2014
  2014,13(06):1-2 [Abstract]  [View PDF(211.22 K)]
English language
  Chinese Journal of Multiple Organ Diseases in the Elderly
  Published 6 28 , 2014
  2014,13(06):3-4 [Abstract]  [View PDF(123.89 K)]

Brief Introduction of Expert Soliciting Special Topic

Brief Introduction of Expert Soliciting Special Topic
  Brief Introduction of Expert Soliciting Special Topic
  Published 6 28 , 2014
  2014,13(06):0 [Abstract]  [View PDF(111.04 K)]


Percutaneous coronary intervention for coronary heart disease in elderly patients
  HAN Ya-Ling*, ZHANG Quan-Yu
  Published 6 28 , 2014
  2014,13(06):401-406 [Abstract]  [View PDF(374.05 K)]

Special Topic

Percutaneous coronary intervention for unprotected left main coronary artery disease in old females: a long-term study on clinical efficiency
  LIU Hai-Wei, HAN Ya-Ling*, WANG Xiao-Zeng, MA Ying-Yan, JIN Quan-Min, WANG Geng, WANG Bin, XU Kai, ZHAO Xin, GUAN Shao-Yi
  Published 6 28 , 2014
  2014,13(06):407-410 [Abstract]  [View PDF(361.61 K)]
Clinical features and gender differences in elderly patients undergoing percutaneous coronary intervention: analysis of 3 049 male and 1 878 female patients
  WU Heng1,2, LI Yi1, WANG Xiao-Zeng1, LI Jing1, JING Quan-Min1, MA Ying-Yan1, HAN Ya-Ling1*
  Published 6 28 , 2014
  2014,13(06):411-415 [Abstract]  [View PDF(379.29 K)]
Characteristics of peri-operative medications for elder patients with coronary heart disease undergoing percutaneous coronary intervention: clinical analysis of 13 049 cases
  WANG Yu-Nuo1,2, WU Heng1,2, LI Yi1, WANG Xiao-Zeng1, LI Jing1, JING Quan-Min1, MA Ying-Yan1, HAN Ya-Ling1*
  Published 6 28 , 2014
  2014,13(06):416-421 [Abstract]  [View PDF(403.67 K)]
Clinical features and prognosis of acute anterior myocardial infarction in elderly patients: analysis of 1 284 cases
  WANG Li, ZHAO Xin*, DENG Yu-Yang, DENG Jie, REN Li-Li, YANG Xiao-Xu, GU Chong-Huai, ZHAO Xiao-Chuan, WANG Xiao-Zeng, HAN Ya-Ling*
  Published 6 28 , 2014
  2014,13(06):422-426 [Abstract]  [View PDF(371.09 K)]
Treadmill exercise test in guiding treatment of coronary intermediate lesions in proximal or middle left anterior descending artery
  WANG Bin, HAN Ya-Ling*, ZHANG Jian, JING Quan-Min, WANG Xiao-Zeng, MA Ying-Yan, WANG Geng, LIU Hai-Wei, ZHAO Xin, XU Kai, DENG Jie, GUAN Shao-Yi
  Published 6 28 , 2014
  2014,13(06):427-430 [Abstract]  [View PDF(306.47 K)]
Short- and long-term efficiency of percutaneous coronary intervention for elderly non-ST-segment elevation myocardial infarction patients with different GRACE risk score
  DONG Hai, JING Quan-Min*, MA Ying-Yan, WANG Xiao-Zeng, WANG Geng, ZHAO Xin, GUAN Shao-Yi, HAN Ya-Ling
  Published 6 28 , 2014
  2014,13(06):431-435 [Abstract]  [View PDF(396.90 K)]

Clinical Research

Death causes of hospitalized retired military veterans: 172 cases analysis
  ZHANG Ting, TUO Xi-Ping*
  Published 6 28 , 2014
  2014,13(06):436-439 [Abstract]  [View PDF(343.02 K)]
Assessment on peri-operative risk and 1-year outcomes in elderly patients with hip fracture
  LU Wen-Liang1, Dewan Sheilesh KUMAR1, LIN Wei-Long2, SHEN Hai-Min2, CHENG Qun3, ZHENG Song-Bai1*
  Published 6 28 , 2014
  2014,13(06):440-444 [Abstract]  [View PDF(348.80 K)]
Diagnostic value of platelet parameters for acute coronary syndrome by receiver operating characteristic curve and logistic regression
  SU Dan, WEI Xuan*
  Published 6 28 , 2014
  2014,13(06):445-449 [Abstract]  [View PDF(447.79 K)]
Causes of death and serum levels of high-sensitivity C-reactive protein and lipids: a retrospective study on 97 elderly hospitalized patients
  XIAO Dan1, ZHAO Kun1, CAI Shuang-Bing2, YUAN Qiao-Ying1, SI Liang-Yi1*
  Published 6 28 , 2014
  2014,13(06):450-453 [Abstract]  [View PDF(402.21 K)]
Clinical efficacy and safety of CARTO-guided ablation for the elderly with atrial fibrillation: analysis of 50 cases
  YANG Xi-Xi, CUI Ying-Kai, MA Yong-Na, XIE Ya-Nan, CAO Xue-Bin*
  Published 6 28 , 2014
  2014,13(06):454-459 [Abstract]  [View PDF(849.65 K)]

Basic Research

Effect of peroxisome proliferators-activated receptor-β/δ agonist GW501516 on cardiac function in aged septic rats
  WANG Cai-Rui, ZHOU Guo-Peng*
  Published 6 28 , 2014
  2014,13(06):460-463 [Abstract]  [View PDF(428.76 K)]

Clinicopathological Conference

Aortic intramural hematoma misdiagnosed as acute abdominal pain: a case report
  TIAN Wan-Guan1, NIE Yong-Kang2, ZHANG Wen-Tao1, MENG Qing-Yi1*
  Published 6 28 , 2014
  2014,13(06):468-471 [Abstract]  [View PDF(464.83 K)]

Case Report

Spuriously high CK-MB isoenzyme activity in a prostate cancer patient
  ZHANG Zhong-Ying MA Su, FENG Ming, et al
  Published 6 28 , 2014
  2014,13(06):464-465 [Abstract]  [View PDF(267.91 K)]
Pulmonary infection induced multiple organ dysfunction syndrome: a 98-year old case report
  TAN Qing-Wu, LI Qing-Hua, XU Hai-Tao, et al
  Published 6 28 , 2014
  2014,13(06):466-467 [Abstract]  [View PDF(295.69 K)]


Two classification systems for orthostatic hypotension
  YE Jia-Lun, ZHAO Ning, HUANG Hui, TUO Xi-Ping*
  Published 6 28 , 2014
  2014,13(06):472-475 [Abstract]  [View PDF(490.41 K)]
Asymmetric dimethylarginine and cognitive impairment
  ZHENG Xiu-Hai, FAN Ying*
  Published 6 28 , 2014
  2014,13(06):476-480 [Abstract]  [View PDF(378.15 K)]