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Chinese language
  Chinese Journal of Multiple Organ Diseases in the Elderly
  Published 3 28 , 2014
  2014,13(03):1-2 [Abstract]  [View PDF(208.27 K)]
English language
  Chinese Journal of Multiple Organ Diseases in the Elderly
  Published 3 28 , 2014
  2014,13(03):3-4 [Abstract]  [View PDF(120.70 K)]

Brief Introduction of Expert Soliciting Special Topic

Brief Introduction of Expert Soliciting Special Topic
  Brief Introduction of Expert Soliciting Special Topic
  Published 3 28 , 2014
  2014,13(03):0 [Abstract]  [View PDF]


Treatment of chronic constipation for the elderly deserves great attention
  ZHENG Song-Bai*, CHEN Min-Min
  Published 3 28 , 2014
  2014,13(03):161 [Abstract]  [View PDF(346.99 K)]

Special Topic

Clinical characteristics of ischemic colitis in elderly accompanied with chronic constipation
  YAO Jian-Feng, YU Yang, ZHANG Wei, ZHANG Gan-Sheng, ZHANG Zi-Yan, TONG Yi-Li, YU Xiao-Feng*
  Published 3 28 , 2014
  2014,13(03):165 [Abstract]  [View PDF(398.45 K)]
Effect of flupentixol/melitracen combined with lactulose on treatment of constipation in the elderly with anxiety
  YU Yang, YU Xiao-Feng, YAN Jing-Lu, YAO Jian-Feng*
  Published 3 28 , 2014
  2014,13(03):170 [Abstract]  [View PDF(357.09 K)]
Analysis on colonoscopic results of 350 elderly constipated patients
  LYU Chan, CEN Rong*
  Published 3 28 , 2014
  2014,13(03):174 [Abstract]  [View PDF(515.64 K)]
Epidemiology of chronic constipation: current status
  ZHANG Xiao-Li, ZHENG Song-Bai*
  Published 3 28 , 2014
  2014,13(03):178 [Abstract]  [View PDF(354.04 K)]
Chronic constipation in the elderly: advances in medication treatment
  LI Qing-Qing, JIANG Hua*
  Published 3 28 , 2014
  2014,13(03):182 [Abstract]  [View PDF(323.01 K)]
Chinese patent medicine for treatment of chronic constipation in the elderly
  LIU Lu-Mei, LI Ya-Ming*
  Published 3 28 , 2014
  2014,13(03):186-191 [Abstract]  [View PDF(429.74 K)]

Clinical Research

Angiographic features and serum high sensitivity C-reactive protein level in elderly patients with peripheral arterial occlusive disease
  YUAN Qiao-Ying1, ZHANG Lin2, ZHAO Kun1, XIAO Dan1, SI Liang-Yi1*
  Published 3 28 , 2014
  2014,13(03):192-196 [Abstract]  [View PDF(369.14 K)]
Clinical feature and compliance with continuous positive airway pressure in obstructive sleep apnea hypopnea syndrome patients at different ages
  SUN Ting1*, HAN Fang2, WANG Xiao-Zhi1, SUN Yun-Liang1
  Published 3 28 , 2014
  2014,13(03):196-199 [Abstract]  [View PDF(361.43 K)]
Incidence and related factors of depression in patients with digestive cancer
  YANG Yu-Xing1, WEI Pin-Kang2, QUAN Yuan-Wen3*, CHEN Hui4
  Published 3 28 , 2014
  2014,13(03):200-204 [Abstract]  [View PDF(398.59 K)]
Arthroscopic features of knee degeneration and its relationship with knee pain
  ZHONG Qun-Jie, LI Ru-Jun, NI Lei*, LIN Jian-Hao
  Published 3 28 , 2014
  2014,13(03):205-209 [Abstract]  [View PDF(373.43 K)]
Short-term reproducibility of nocturnal blood pressure pattern in elderly essential hypertensive patients
  GAO Cong-Cong1,2, WANG Bei-Yun2, HUANG Gao-Zhong2*
  Published 3 28 , 2014
  2014,13(03):210-214 [Abstract]  [View PDF(586.06 K)]
Correlation of plasma high-molecular-mass adiponectin with macrovascular diseases in type 2 diabetes mellitus
  LIU Chao*, ZHENG Tao-Lin, DU Wan-Hong, YANG Liu
  Published 3 28 , 2014
  2014,13(03):215-218 [Abstract]  [View PDF(361.14 K)]

Case Report

An old patient with repeated hemorrhage of digestive tract and deep venous thrombosis: diagnosis, treatment, and literature review
  XIE Hai-Yan, LIU Xiao-Hong, ZHONG Hua, et al
  Published 3 28 , 2014
  2014,13(03):219-221 [Abstract]  [View PDF(367.88 K)]

Clinicopathological Conference

Renal monoclonal immunoglobulin heavy chain deposite disease (IgG-γ1 heavy chain): one case report
  YIN Guang*, WU Yan, ZENG Cai-Hong, CHEN Hui-Ping
  Published 3 28 , 2014
  2014,13(03):222-226 [Abstract]  [View PDF(942.49 K)]


Role of arachidonic acid cytochrome P450 signal pathway in hypertension: a review on the research progress
  YAN Jing, JIA Wei-Ping*
  Published 3 28 , 2014
  2014,13(03):227-231 [Abstract]  [View PDF(351.39 K)]
Inflammatory factors related to myocardial ischemia: research progress
  WANG Jun1, SUN Li-Li2, LI Bin3*
  Published 3 28 , 2014
  2014,13(03):232-236 [Abstract]  [View PDF(372.10 K)]
Clinical application of N-terminal pro-B-type natriuretic peptide in atrial fibrillation: a review on the research progress
  JIN Zong-Ze, TENG Zong-Yan*
  Published 3 28 , 2014
  2014,13(03):237-240 [Abstract]  [View PDF(313.44 K)]