Volume 11,Number 8,2012 Table of Contents

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Chinese language
  Chinese Journal of Multiple Organ Diseases in the Elderly
  Published 8 28 , 2012 (2 pages)
  2012,11(8):1-2 [Abstract]  [View PDF(211.80 K)]
English language
  Chinese Journal of Multiple Organ Diseases in the Elderly
  Published 8 28 , 2012 (2 pages)
  2012,11(8):3-4 [Abstract]  [View PDF(28.45 K)]


Management of geriatric lung cancer: current state and challenge
  QIAN Xiaoshun, WANG Binchao
  Published 8 28 , 2012 (3 pages)
  2012,11(8):561-563 [Abstract]  [View PDF(292.97 K)]

Special Topic

Gefitinib for advanced non-small cell lung cancer with epidermal growth factor receptor mutations: a meta analysis
  HOU Yanli, YANG Shuanying, LI Wei, et al
  Published 8 28 , 2012 (6 pages)
  2012,11(8):564-569 [Abstract]  [View PDF(840.92 K)]
Invasive pulmonary mycosis secondary to lung cancer: clinical analysis of 10 cases
  CHEN Wenhui, ZHANG Xueli, ZHANG Yuhui
  Published 8 28 , 2012 (4 pages)
  2012,11(8):570-573 [Abstract]  [View PDF(460.17 K)]
Radiation recall pneumonitis:report of 2 cases and review of literatures
  QIAN Xiaoshun, LIU Qinghui, SUN Baojun
  Published 8 28 , 2012 (3 pages)
  2012,11(8):574-576 [Abstract]  [View PDF(461.74 K)]
Food for thought based on the evidence of chemotherapy for elderly patients with advanced non-small cell lung cancer
  WANG Binchao, WU Yilong
  Published 8 28 , 2012 (3 pages)
  2012,11(8):577-579 [Abstract]  [View PDF(271.44 K)]
Early diagnosis for geriatric lung cancer: a review
  ZHANG Yuping, YANG Shuanying
  Published 8 28 , 2012 (4 pages)
  2012,11(8):580-583 [Abstract]  [View PDF(370.94 K)]

Clinical Research

Performance of pharmacogenetic algorithms in dose prediction in Chinese patients under low intensity warfarin anticoagulation
  WANG Hongjuan, LIU Yu, YANG Jie, et al
  Published 8 28 , 2012 (4 pages)
  2012,11(8):584-587 [Abstract]  [View PDF(490.04 K)]
Aging-associated changes in serum thyroid hormone levels and cellular immune function
  ZHANG Yuanyuan, WU Jun, LIU Ze, et al
  Published 8 28 , 2012 (5 pages)
  2012,11(8):588-592 [Abstract]  [View PDF(390.67 K)]
Relation of cytochrome P450 2C19 gene 681G>A single nucleotide polymorphism to clopidogrel resistance after PCI in Chinese elderly patients
  LIANG Zhenyang, HAN Yaling, ZHANG Xiaolin, et al
  Published 8 28 , 2012 (6 pages)
  2012,11(8):593-598 [Abstract]  [View PDF(618.54 K)]
Efficacy and safety of triple antiplatelet therapy in senile patients undergoing drug-eluting stents for complex coronary lesions
  DU Dayong, LIU Yang, LI Yuntian, et al
  Published 8 28 , 2012 (5 pages)
  2012,11(8):599-603 [Abstract]  [View PDF(379.44 K)]
Different doses of atorvastatin calcium for elderly patients with unstable angina pectoris and non-revascularization
  MA Jianxin, HE Yongfeng, SONG Chengyun, et al
  Published 8 28 , 2012 (5 pages)
  2012,11(8):604-608 [Abstract]  [View PDF(370.99 K)]
Drug usage and risk factors control in elderly patients with chronic stable angina
  JIN Ying, LI Mingyang, LIU Bo, et al
  Published 8 28 , 2012 (4 pages)
  2012,11(8):609-612 [Abstract]  [View PDF(330.28 K)]
Safety and comfort of colonoscopy with carbon dioxide insufflation in elderly people
  CHEN Ying, YANG Chun min, TANG Helan, et al
  Published 8 28 , 2012 (4 pages)
  2012,11(8):613-616 [Abstract]  [View PDF(374.56 K)]
Senescence of glycometabolism with reduced hepatic clearance of insulin
  FU Chaoping, WANG Xinsheng, ZHANG Tao
  Published 8 28 , 2012 (5 pages)
  2012,11(8):617-621 [Abstract]  [View PDF(334.68 K)]
Clinical prognosis of patients with acute ST segment elevation myocardial infarction predicted by different electrocardiogram ST segment depression types
  YU Wenjiang, SHANG Jie, SUN Haitao, et al
  Published 8 28 , 2012 (4 pages)
  2012,11(8):622-625 [Abstract]  [View PDF(325.18 K)]

Short Report

Clinical efficacy of interventional treatment for patients aged over 80 years with coronary heart disease
  LI Zhimen, GAN Jihong, SU Haiming, et al
  Published 8 28 , 2012 (2 pages)
  2012,11(8):626-627 [Abstract]  [View PDF(268.74 K)]
Paroxetine plus hyperbaric oxygen for post-stroke depression
  WANG Zhirong, YANG Jing, JIA Weihua, et al
  Published 8 28 , 2012 (3 pages)
  2012,11(8):628-630 [Abstract]  [View PDF(321.39 K)]

Case Report

Atorvastatin-induced rhabdomyolysis: report of one case
  ZHANG Mingming, REN Wenlin
  Published 8 28 , 2012 (2 pages)
  2012,11(8):631-632 [Abstract]  [View PDF(309.36 K)]


Recurrent predictors of atrial fibrillation after radio-frequency catheter ablation treatment
  ZHANG Xiaoling, TANG Hong
  Published 8 28 , 2012 (4 pages)
  2012,11(8):633-636 [Abstract]  [View PDF(315.41 K)]
Cardiovascular manifestations in antiphospholipid syndrome
  YAO Hongmei, HUANG He
  Published 8 28 , 2012 (4 pages)
  2012,11(8):637-640 [Abstract]  [View PDF(334.55 K)]