Volume 11,Number 2,2012 Table of Contents

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Chinese language
  Chinese Journal of Multiple Organ Diseases in the Elderly
  Published 2 28 , 2012
  2012,11(2):1-2 [Abstract]  [View PDF(132.12 K)]
English language
  Chinese Journal of Multiple Organ Diseases in the Elderly
  Published 2 28 , 2012
  2012,11(2):3-4 [Abstract]  [View PDF(68.04 K)]


Anti-thrombotic treatment in elderly patients with coronary artery disease
  HAN Yaling
  Published 2 28 , 2012
  2012,11(2):81-83 [Abstract]  [View PDF(139.57 K)]

Special Topic

Long-term clinical efficacy and safety of six-month dual antiplatelet therapy after biodegradable polymer-based sirolimus eluting stent implantation: results of 4-year follow-up of the CREATE Study
  LI Yi, HAN Yaling, JING Quanmin, et al
  Published 2 28 , 2012
  2012,11(2):84-88 [Abstract]  [View PDF(216.30 K)]
Safety and efficacy of fondaparinux in Chinese patients with non-ST elevation acute coronary syndromes
  Zhao Xin, Han Yaling, WANG Xiaozeng, et al
  Published 2 28 , 2012
  2012,11(2):89-93 [Abstract]  [View PDF(259.56 K)]
Anticoagulation efficacy and safety of fondaparinux during perioperative period of radiofrequency catheter ablation of atrial fibrillation
  LIU Jing, WANG Zulu, LIANG Yanchun, et al
  Published 2 28 , 2012
  2012,11(2):94-98 [Abstract]  [View PDF(201.85 K)]
Comparison of safety and effectiveness between imported clopidogrel and domestic clopidogrel in patients after percutaneous coronary intervention
  MA Yingyan, WANG Yanxia, XU Kai, et al
  Published 2 28 , 2012
  2012,11(2):99-102 [Abstract]  [View PDF(234.74 K)]

Clinical Research

Serum γ-glutamyl transpeptidase and metabolic syndrome in elderly people
  LIU Cunfei, CHEN Xinglin, LIU Chengyun
  Published 2 28 , 2012
  2012,11(2):103-107 [Abstract]  [View PDF(389.63 K)]
A novel polymorphism in ABCA1 gene (M233V and R219K) in Mongolian nationality population
  YUAN Tuoya, LIU Xiaoyu, WANG Yuexi
  Published 2 28 , 2012
  2012,11(2):108-112 [Abstract]  [View PDF(286.69 K)]
Erythromycin and metoclopramide for treatment of feed failure in mechanically ventilated patients in intensive care unit
  LU Nianfang, ZHENG Ruiqiang, LIN Hua, et al
  Published 2 28 , 2012
  2012,11(2):113-117 [Abstract]  [View PDF(248.05 K)]
Fenestrated endovascular stent graft for juxtarenal abdominal aortic aneurysms: preliminary results
  ZUO Shangwei, JIA Xin, DU Xin, et al
  Published 2 28 , 2012
  2012,11(2):118-121 [Abstract]  [View PDF(268.15 K)]
Cardio-ankle vascular index— a marker of atherosclerosis: analysis of 845 cases
  ZHANG Jiying, XUN Zhihua, PANG Zhigang, et al
  Published 2 28 , 2012
  2012,11(2):122-125 [Abstract]  [View PDF(224.99 K)]
Non-invasive comprehensive method for diagnosis of primary lung cancer
  SU Shaoping, BAI Jing, WANG Yiru, et al
  Published 2 28 , 2012
  2012,11(2):126-128 [Abstract]  [View PDF(150.03 K)]
Drug resistance of pan-drug resistant Acinetobacter baumannii to disinfectants
  WEN Junmin, LU Yuemei, ZHANG Guochao, et al
  Published 2 28 , 2012
  2012,11(2):129-132 [Abstract]  [View PDF(191.00 K)]

Basic Research

Cyclooxygenase-2 pathway in reversion of myocardial fibrosis by Salvia Miltiorrhiza Bge (SMB) in senescent spontaneously hypertensive rats
  WANG Jianjun, LIU Jie
  Published 2 28 , 2012
  2012,11(2):133-137 [Abstract]  [View PDF(373.10 K)]
Relationship of pancreatic inducible nitric oxide synthase expression and serum leptin with intestinal permeability and effect of emodin on it in rats with acute pancreatitis
  WU Jun, WANG Luni
  Published 2 28 , 2012
  2012,11(2):138-141 [Abstract]  [View PDF(320.88 K)]

Short Report

Risk assessment and intervention of cardiocerebral vascular disease in middle-aged and aged people
  BIAN Jinling, HE Xuanfang, NI Hailai
  Published 2 28 , 2012
  2012,11(2):142-143 [Abstract]  [View PDF(138.85 K)]

Case Report

Drug-induced hypersensitivity syndrome caused by carbamazepine
  WU Jun, WANG Luni
  Published 2 28 , 2012
  2012,11(2):144-145 [Abstract]  [View PDF(144.23 K)]


Renin-angiotensin system and micro-inflammation
  ZHAO Jue, DOU Jingtao
  Published 2 28 , 2012
  2012,11(2):146-149 [Abstract]  [View PDF(220.61 K)]
Applications of artificial neural network in intensive care unit
  ZHOU Weiwei, SONG Yixin
  Published 2 28 , 2012
  2012,11(2):150-153 [Abstract]  [View PDF(160.77 K)]
Clinical opinions about central dizziness and vertigo
  LI Xiaohui, JIANG Shujun
  Published 2 28 , 2012
  2012,11(2):154-157 [Abstract]  [View PDF(207.26 K)]
Sleep apnea-hypopnea syndrome in the elderly
  LIU Jie, XIAO Yi
  Published 2 28 , 2012
  2012,11(2):158-160 [Abstract]  [View PDF(140.62 K)]