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Chinese language
  Chinese Journal of Multiple Organ Diseases in the Elderly
  Published 1 28 , 2012
  2012,11(1):1-2 [Abstract]  [View PDF(160.91 K)]
English language
  Chinese Journal of Multiple Organ Diseases in the Elderly
  Published 1 28 , 2012
  2012,11(1):3-4 [Abstract]  [View PDF(91.09 K)]

Special Topic

Cardiorenal syndrome
  CHEN Kangyin, LI Guangping
  Published 1 28 , 2012
  2012,11(1):1-5 [Abstract]  [View PDF(264.28 K)]
Advances on research of cardiorenal syndrome
  WANG Yujuan, LI Yuehong
  Published 1 28 , 2012
  2012,11(1):6-10 [Abstract]  [View PDF(228.52 K)]
Hypertension and kidney disease
  LI Zhuo, LIU Shuangxin, SHI Wei
  Published 1 28 , 2012
  2012,11(1):11-14 [Abstract]  [View PDF(207.27 K)]

Clinical Research

Ambulatory arterial stiffness index and estimated glomerular filtration rate in elderly patients with essential hypertension
  LI Mingyang*, CHEN Lei
  Published 1 28 , 2012
  2012,11(1):15-17 [Abstract]  [View PDF(202.65 K)]
Resting heart rate and impaired renal function in very old hypertensive patients
  WANG Wenyan, ZHNAG Wei*, XIE Dili, ZHONG Ping, ZHOU Xiaofang, LIU Xin
  Published 1 28 , 2012
  2012,11(1):18-21 [Abstract]  [View PDF(162.95 K)]
Hemodialysis during interventional therapy for coronary artery disease patients complicated by chronic renal insufficiency
  ZHAI Hongxia, LI Liang, YIN Yaxin, LIU Runmei, ZHANG Jinjin, CHEN Haiwei, XIA Yunfeng
  Published 1 28 , 2012
  2012,11(1):22-25 [Abstract]  [View PDF(237.73 K)]
Cardiorenal protective effects of statins on isoproterenol-induced cardiac insufficiency in rat models
  ZHAO Hua, ZHOU Biye, YE Ping
  Published 1 28 , 2012
  2012,11(1):26-29 [Abstract]  [View PDF(302.43 K)]
Renal function, anemia and erythropoietin in the elderly
  YANG Huayu, GU Xiang, CHEN Haiping
  Published 1 28 , 2012
  2012,11(1):30-34 [Abstract]  [View PDF(194.92 K)]
One very old case of cardiorenal syndrome
  ZHENG Jin, LUO Leiming, YE Ping, et al
  Published 1 28 , 2012
  2012,11(1):35 [Abstract]  [View PDF(119.35 K)]
Factors influencing serum albumin in the elderly
  TIAN Changrong, SHEN Xiaozhu, WEN Jiangtao, et al
  Published 1 28 , 2012
  2012,11(1):36-39 [Abstract]  [View PDF(339.51 K)]
Adaptive support ventilation in weaning patients after coronary artery bypass grafting in ICU
  LU Nianfang, ZHENG Ruiqiang, LIN Hua, et al
  Published 1 28 , 2012
  2012,11(1):40-45 [Abstract]  [View PDF(224.87 K)]
NT-proBNP for surveillance of hemodynamic status in patients with acutely decompensated congestive heart failure
  MAO Yi, YANG Hong, ZHANG Wei, et al
  Published 1 28 , 2012
  2012,11(1):46-49 [Abstract]  [View PDF(212.46 K)]
Bronchioloalveolar carcinoma: clinical analysis of 75 cases
  LI Ziling, WU Jie, LV Tangfeng, et al
  Published 1 28 , 2012
  2012,11(1):50-53 [Abstract]  [View PDF(244.96 K)]

Basic Research

Androgen and expression of senescence-associated-β-galactosidase in heart of male rats
  WANG Yanni, TAN Shijin
  Published 1 28 , 2012
  2012,11(1):54-57 [Abstract]  [View PDF(310.04 K)]
Matrix metalloproteinase-9 in rat model of isolated systolic hypertension
  LEI Mengjue, ZHU Guangzhao, CHEN Weiyun, et al
  Published 1 28 , 2012
  2012,11(1):58-64 [Abstract]  [View PDF(404.12 K)]

Clinicopathological Conference

Acute anterior wall myocardial infarction complicated by cardiogenic shook in an elderly female patient
  GAO Lei
  Published 1 28 , 2012
  2012,11(1):65-68 [Abstract]  [View PDF(144.69 K)]


Left heart disease-associated pulmonary hypertension: advances in its diagnosis and treatment
  GUO Yajuan, ZHANG Yushun, MA Aiqun
  Published 1 28 , 2012
  2012,11(1):69-73 [Abstract]  [View PDF(186.62 K)]
Establishment and evaluation of D-galactose induced aging animal model
  WU Kefen, HU Yu
  Published 1 28 , 2012
  2012,11(1):74-78 [Abstract]  [View PDF(208.41 K)]

Editor Forum

Inquiry about two electrocardiograms in article “Lev?s disease: report of 6 cases” published in April 2011
  HUANG Hai, CHEN Dong, MA Jianxin
  Published 1 28 , 2012
  2012,11(1):79 [Abstract]  [View PDF(347.30 K)]